SEO is dead. Hello Conversion Optimization.

A few years ago, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a hit. Many new agencies were starting to offer SEO services, and even some specialized agencies popped up in the market with tools and solutions to a big problem: how to increase traffic acquisition through Google’s natural results.

If we go back to 2006/2007, we will find that it was possible to use a set of tactics to quickly increase your page rank. This tactics had different levels of sophistication, from a simpler markup to a highly complex inbound linking processes.

But Google was there, watching. Algorithms were improved to be smarter and better.

Look at Google Trends to confirm the trend:

Search Engine Optimization searches in google since 2005

Fixing SEO

Google fixed one of the most complicated problems: helping developers to serve good and optimized markup. The answer was Mod PageSpeed, which solves this problem in a very elegant way. It is an extension for Apache and NGINX, two of the most well known webservers in the internet, that optimizes in real time all the code (including javascript, stylesheets and images).

Also, they edited this excellent guide to teach, without tricks, what are the minimum requirements to be well indexed (or SEO for beginners).

There are many more things that were fixed.

What’s now?

All SEO agencies andwill be transitioning to Conversion Optimization. And those who not, will disappear.

Today we have a totally different landscape. Mobile has more than 50% of traffic in any web property, walled gardens like Facebook are growing, but our understanding on how to acquire good traffic did not change. It’s a skill well learned.

Conversion Optimization is the new opportunity to apply all the SEO learnings in terms of understanding acquisition paths, and optimize every step in the customer journey to create a more righ and simple experience, increasing conversion and return on investment.

I’ll cover more articles about Conversion Optimization & Content Marketing in the next posts.